10 nov. séminaire Melanie Stefan

Le 10 Novembre 14h00 Melanie Stefan (https://www.ed.ac.uk/discovery-brain-sciences/our-staff/research-groups/dr-melanie-i-stefan), membre de notre Advisory Board, nous présentera ses idées sur la biologie des systems dans un séminaire en ligne :
“What is systems biology, and how can we make it for everybody ?”

So a first part about systems biology, what it is (along the lines you have laid out), why we should care, and things that should be kept in mind early on when transitioning into it. (I am specifically thinking about open science, using community standards etc., which will help with collaborations and impact later on). There are some examples I can talk about. 
For the second part, I can talk about obstacles faced by women in science (and a little bit about obstacles faced by other underrepresented group, because I think they are often related, and it is useful to take an intersectional approach), and about best practice examples of possible action to improve their situation.
Pour rappel, le 10 Novembre est la Journée mondiale de la science au service de la paix et du développement (https://fr.unesco.org/commemorations/worldscienceday) 😉

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