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Evelyne Bachere 118 pxlIHPE UMR 5244
University of Montpellier
Place Eugène Bataillon CC 80
F-34095 Montpellier Cedex 5 FRANCE
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email: ebachere@ifremer.fr
POSITION : Researcher at Ifremer
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After research activities on Marteilia and Bonamia, two oyster parasites, I have initiated at Ifremer the first works on cellular and molecular immunity.  In the 87th, mollusc bivalves and peneid shrimp innate immunity was still a largely unexplored field on these non-model organisms with aquacultural interest. Working in UMR since 1993 at the University Montpellier, through supervision of theses and team management, I have developed research on antimicrobial peptides from (i) their biochemical and molecular characterization, (ii) properties, (iii) gene expression in response to infections to (iv) their potential used in aquaculture as therapeutics for substitution of conventional antibiotics. Since 2007, in the aim to improve diagnosis and understanding of physiological disorders and genetic bases that underly  pathogenesis in oysters, researches have been focused on the characterization of gene expression signatures, opening a new field of interest in oyster immunogenetics. Gene predictive-survival signatures represent innovative tools for phenotyping oysters and assessing genetic traits that may confer improved disease resistance or fitness. More recently, taking advantage of these high-throughput genomic approaches, I focused on the transgenerational effect of pesticide exposition on oyster genetics and potential immunodeficiency. Besides, expression profilings of affected genes are characterized as markers for the diagnosis of oyster contamination or exposition to xenobiotics. Those projects are developed in collaboration with french and overseas laboratories, from public and private sector.
1995 Empowerment as a Research Director (University of Montpellier II)
1980 Ph.D Sciences and Technics in Animal Production (Institut National Polytechnique of Toulouse)
1977 Master Sciences and Technics in Animal Production (Institut National Polytechnique of Toulouse)