Equipment Perpignan

ChemiDoc™ MP Imaging System (Bio-Rad)
Gel scanner for white light, UV and several wavelengths of fluorescence. Dedicated computer software allows for protein quantification and determination of several parameters such as isoelectric points and molecular weight.
Fluorimètre Qubit 2.0 (Invitrogen)
High sensivity fluorimeter for DNA, RNA and protein quantification.
Spectrophotomètre UV/visible Epoch (BioTek) for microvolumes
Medium throughput parallel dosage of DNA an RNA
Cryo-grinder MM400 (Retsch) 
For RNA extraction.
Server Dell PowerEdge R610
- 2 processors Intel Xeon Quad-Core E5620 @ 2.26 Ghz (12Mo cache L3)
- 96 Gb RAM
- 500 Gb harddisk
 Sever Dell PowerEdge R930
4 processors Intel Xeon Quad-Core E7 @ 2.4 Ghz each with 10 cors (30Mo cache L2)
- 120 Gb RAM
- 1 Tb harddisk
Storage Sever
18 Tb RAID