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email: jean.michel.escoubas@ifremer.fr
POSITION : Researcher CNRS
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Since my recruitment in the CNRS in 1995 my researches are devoted to defense mechanisms and host-pathogen interactions in invertebrates and were focused on two filds. Firstly, the study of the defense mechanisms of the Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas. The development of functional genomics approaches led to the characterization of numerous components of C. gigas immune systemy. Secondly, the study of the defense mechanism disturbances in the insect crop pest Spodoptera frugiperda, during interactions with various pathogens. These researches go from the study of virulence factors produced by pathogens to the analysis of their impact on host immunity.
The research project I am developing now aims to characterize the hemo-microbiota (cohort microorganisms associated with hemolymph) of C. gigas and study its dynamics and its impact on the fitness of the oyster. For this, three levels of investigation are developed i) determine the biodiversity and the plasticity of the hemo-microbiota ii) determine the origin of the hemo-microbiota and the kinetic of its implementation during ontogenesis and iii) investigate the cross talk between the hemo-microbiota and the host immune system.
2004 – Habilitation Thesis (University of Montpellier II)
1995 – Postdoctoral Fellow (University of Montpellier II)
1992-1994 – Postdoctoral Fellow (Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA, Dr P. FALKOWSKI)
1988-1992 – Ph.D Microbiology and Molecular Biology (University of  Toulouse Paul Sabatier)
1988 – Master, Microbiology and Molecular Biology (University of  Toulouse Paul Sabatier) With distinction (good)
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