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University of Perpignan via Domitia
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email : camille.huot@etudiant.univ-perp.fr
POSITION : Ph.D student (Download resume)
Caracterisation and role of microbiota in the interaction host/parasite between Biomphalaria glabrata and Schistosoma mansoni, responsible agent of the bilharziose
Biomphalaria glabrata / Schistosoma mansoni / microbiota / interactions
THESIS PROJECT :In the interaction between B. glabrata et S. mansoni, each species constitutes a changing environment to which the opposant must adapt.
Until know, studies to caracterize this co-evolutive dynamic focused on immune response of the mollusc  toward the parasitic invasion, and the research of infectivity factors of the parasite to avoid host defenses. However, environmental factors (biotic and abiotic) can influence this interaction too. In any systems, host/parasite interactions are dependants of their microbial communities (microbiota) and each organism must be considered as a meta-organism or an holobiont.
Indeed, the microbiota can be implied in many physiological functions (digestion, reproduction), but can also be implied in immune response. Thus, to understand better the interaction between an host and its parasite, it is important to consider teh host as an holobiont. The first step of my thesis will be to caracterize the microbial communities with specific (16S metabarcoding for bacteriae and 18S metabarcoding for eukaryotes) and non-specific marker (viral metagenomic). Then, I will study the microbiota dynamic during an infestation, and finally, its role in the mollusc compatibility phenotype (parasite capacity to develop in its host).
2015-2016 : Master 2 Biology Ecology Evolution, University of Poitiers
2014-2015 : Master 1 Ecology and Biology of the Populations, University of Poitiers
2010-2014 : Licence Ecology and Biology of the Organisms, University of Poitiers
2009 : Bachelor degree in Sciences, speciality Sciences of Life and Earth (Montmorillon, 86)