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POSITION : Ph.D student (resume)
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Life history traits modification during hybridization and analysis of the underlying molecular mechanisms in Schistosoma genus flatworm parasites
Schistosoma, Parasite, Adaptation, Hydrid vigour, Host spectrum, Genomic imprinting, Transcriptomics
Bilharzia (or schistosomiasis) represents the second human parasitic disease after malaria and is usually found in tropical and subtropical areas, mainly in Africa. Nearly 800 million people are at risk, 250 million are infected and there are more than 200,000 deaths annually.
Recently, following the emergence of the disease in the Cavu river in southern Corsica, and the identification of an hybrid form of the parasite (from Senegal), we are starting to focus on these hybridization phenomenon between schistosome species including S.bovis and S.haematobium, and the consequences of these hybridizations in terms of fitness of the parasite (virulence, host spectrum, fertility).
We will study in addition to the « Corsican strain », other field strains, and recreate in the laboratory hybrids with different levels of genomic introgression. We will compare these hybrids with the parental forms to identify changes in life history traits, but also by using new generation sequencing tools (NGS), identify the molecular mechanisms underlying these changes (Differential expression, Parental imprinting, Allelic conflicts, Introgressions).
These issues are of major importance in the context of current global changes that favour the modification of the distribution areas of parasites and their vectors, which can lead to the emergence of new hybrid pathogens.
– 2013-2015: M.Sc. in Environmental Genomics – Integrated Biology: Molecules, Population, and Sustainability (Head of promotion). University of Perpignan, France.
– 2010-2013: B.Sc. in Biology and Ecology. University of Perpignan, France
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Kincaid-Smith, J., Toulza, E., Boissier, J. 2016. La bilharziose en Corse : de la génétique parasitaire aux aspects environnementaux. Bulletin de Veille Sanitaire, 20: 4-5
– Boissier J., Kincaid-Smith J., Berry A., Allienne J.-F., Fillaux J. & Toulza E. 2015. Changements globaux et infections parasitaires a mollusques vecteurs – Un schistosome hybride atteint l’Europe. [Global changes and snail-borne disease: an hybrid schistosome reaches Europe]. Médecine/Sciences, 31: 962-964