Genetic and epigenetic basis of the resistance of the juvenile oyster Crassostrea gigas to the massive mortality syndrom


Principal investigator Jeremie Vidal-Dupiol
Internal Collaboration Julien Delorgeryl, Yannick Gueguen, Guillaume Mitta, Celine Cosseau, Christoph Grunau
External collaboration Nicolas Bierne ISEM, Sophie Arnaud Haond MARBEC
Since 2008, populations of the oyster Crassostrea gigas are subjected to high mortality rates that jeopardize the aquaculture industry. This high selective pressure has induced the rapid appearance of resistance but the molecular mechanisms underlying this phenotype remain unknown. Through an enlarged conceptual framework, the GEM project, aims to identify genetic and epigenetic signature of resistance through a joint Epigenome/Genome Wide Association Study (E/GWAS)