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email: Caroline.Montagnani@ifremer.fr
POSITION : Researcher Ifremer
RESPONSIBILITIES : Co-Organizer of the transversal challenge « Dynamics of the Holobionte and fitness« 
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The research undertaken in my successive host laboratories focus on the characterization of the molecular basis of major physiological functions in marine invertebrates, particularly in two species of marine bivalves. Our goal was the development of fundamental and finalized projects by means of functional genomics approaches to formulate answers to current issues relating to the health of marine invertebrates and optimization of aquaculture production. On the one hand, this work has focused on the molecular basis of biomineralization processes in the pearl oyster Pinctada margaritifera and application of that knowledge to improve the quality of French Polynesia pearls. On the other hand, this work has focused and is still focusing, on the molecular basis of the immune response in the Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas in order to deepen our knowledge on the phenomena of mass mortalities of oysters currently threatening the French oyster production.
In marine invertebrates, which are organisms in constant contact with a rich internal and environmental microflora, the current challenge is to evaluate the importance of the microflora in maintaining homeostasis or developing pathogenesis in these meta-organisms (holobiont) as well as the immune mechanisms involved in these interactions. In this context, my ongoing work focuses on the molecular interactions between the immune system of the Pacific oyster and its microflora either to defend its integrity or to promote the adaptation and creation of beneficial interactions within these complex ecosystems. In particular, projects are developed (i) to understand the molecular basis of the specificity of recognition and response to microorganisms, in particular the basis of the antiviral response and (ii) to explore the dialogue between the microbiota and the immune system through the study of the « shaping » of the immune system during development and of the « immune priming » phenomenon in juveniles.
– Researcher of the Future for the Languedoc Roussillon Region in 2013
2014-present IHPE laboratory (University of Montpellier, France)
2013 Habilitation Thesis (University of Montpellier, France)
2010-2013 Ecosym laboratory (University of Montpellier, France)
2008-2010 Ifremer Research scientist (Centre Ifremer du Pacifique, Tahiti, French Polynesia)
2006-2007 post-doctoral fellow (Centre Ifremer du Pacifique, Tahiti, French Polynesia)
2004-2005 post-doctoral fellow (Australian Institute of Marine Science, Townsville, Australia)
2002-2003 research and teaching assistant (IUT génie biologique, Montpellier University, France)
2002 Ph.D Molecular Biology and Invertebrate Immunity (University of  Paris VI, France)
1998 MSc in Invertebrate Physiology (University of  Paris VI, France)
1997 ERASMUS student, research training (Gatty Marine Laboratory, University of St Andrews, Scotland)
1996 BSc in Marine Ecology and Animal Physiology (University of  Paris VI, France)
1994 Diploma of Higher Education in Cellular Biology and Physiology (University of Picardie, France)
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PUBLICATIONS out of the lab or without impact factor:
– Rondon R., Grunau C., Fallet M., Charlemagne N., Sussarellu R., Chaparro C., Montagnani C., Mitta G., Bachère E., Akcha F. and Cosseau C. (2017) Effects of a parental exposure to diuron on Pacific oyster spat methylome. Environmental Epigenetics 3: dvx004
Montagnani C. « Des pistes pour vacciner les huîtres contre les virus » (20/05/2016) Le Marin
Montagnani C. « Recherche sur les huîtres : précisions » (10/06/2016) Le Marin