Palavas Platform

Aquaculture experimental platform

Ifremer – Palavas-les-Flots

The platform is an experimental unit for aquacultre experiments serving national and European research actors, business and training.
Aerial view of the Aquaculture Experimental Platform of Ifremer Palavas-les-Flots.
The Aquaculture Experimental Platform of Palavas currently consists of approximately 4000 m2 of covered facilities (5 halls) plus 200 m2 of outdoor infrastructure. It allows experiments under controlled conditions (recirculating systems) at all stages of the life of animals (temperate and tropical fish) and algal cultures in outdoor pool. It houses a bio-secure specific biological material available to national and international scientific community. The platform is one of the European Large Infrastructures since 2004 (ASEFAF network and AquaExcel).
These facilities allow the understanding of the adaptation process and adaptability of Animals and livestock systems in a multi-disciplinary approach combining genetics, physiology, ethology, ecology, animal science and systems engineering. It consists of 19 types of « units » (hall, room or group of rooms) for experiments dedicated to the acquisition of knowledge about animal interactions – breeding system – environment for fish courses (temperate and tropical) , shellfish and algae.
These units and their specificity in terms of discipline or life stage, are :
1- Breeding and spawning fish
2- Incubation of fish eggs
3- Induction of spawning fish
4- Breeding larval fish
5- Withdrawal fish
6- Breeding live prey (rotifers, Artemia)
7- fish Growth fish
8- Fish growth
9- Pathology challenge of fish and shellfish (viruses and bacteria, treatment of specific releases)
10- Culture seaweed outside
11- Integrated Multi-trophic Aquaculture
12- Bio-remediation
13- Microbial ecology
14- Technology Systems (recirculation)
15- Ecophysiology and Ethology
16- Wet laboratory (biometrics, imaging)
17- Cryopreservation
18- Laboratory of physicochemical water analysis, sample preparation, metrology …
19- Ultrafiltration
Plan of the Aquaculture Experimental Platform of Ifremer Palavas-les-Flots.