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OlivierIHPE UMR 5244
University of Perpignan via Domitia
52 Avenue Paul Alduy
F-66860 Perpignan Cedex FRANCE
Tel +33(0)4-68-66-21-83
Fax +33(0)4-68-66-22-81
email: olivier.rey@univ-perp.fr
POSITION: Assistant Professor, University of Perpignan Via Domitia
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My research is structured along three main axes:
(i) The study of historical and contemporary factors that influence the evolutionary history of natural populations,
(ii) The study of adaptive responses of organisms to environmental changes and
(iii) The identification of molecular mechanisms underlying such adaptive responses. I use integrative approaches combining the study of natural populations, laboratory experiments and molecular tools. My favorite models are invasive species and (re-)emerging pathogens.
I’ve joined the lab  IHPE (Interactions-Hosts-Parasites-Environments) in September 2016. I will develop projects to study the African Schistosoma complex which is associated with Schistosomiasis, a severe tropical neglected snail-borne disease.
Morover, I’m working on the eco-evolutionary dynamics of an invasive freshwater ectoparasite copepod and the responses of fish hosts in French rivers in collaboration with Simon Blanchet (CNRS) and Géraldine Loot (Paul Sabatier Univeristy – Toulouse).
2016-present Assistant professor (University of Perpignan Via Domitia, Perpignan France)
2015-2016 Post-Doc (Swansea University, Wales)
2012-2015 Post-Doc (Station of Theoretical and experimental Ecology from the CNRS, Moulis France)
2008-2011 PhD (Center of Biology for the Management of the Populations, INRA-SupAgro, Montpellier France)
2007-2008 Ingeneer assistant (Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse France)
2005-2007 Volonteer biologist (Base Dumont d’Urville, Antarctica)
2003-2005 Master (Université Laval, Canada).
PUBLICATIONS in the lab with impact factor: link
PUBLICATIONS out of the lab or without impact factor:
– Kincaid-Smith J., Tracey A., Augusto R., Bulla I., Holroyd N., Rognon A., Rey O., Chaparro C., Oleaga A., Mas Coma S., Allienne J.F., Grunau C., Berriman M., Boissier J. and Toulza E. (2018) Whole genome sequencing and morphological analysis of the human-infecting schistosome emerging in Europe reveals a complex admixture between Schistosoma haematobium and Schistosoma bovis parasites. BioRxiv 387969 + The Lancet Infectious Disease
– Brener-Raffalli K., Vidal-Dupiol J., Adjeroud M., Rey O., Romans P., Bonhomme F., Pratlong M., Haguenauer A., Pillot R., Feuillassier L., Claereboudt M., Magalon H., Gélin P., Pontarotti P., Aurelle D., Mitta G. and Toulza E. (2018) Gene expression plasticity and frontloading promote thermotolerance in Pocilloporid corals. BioRxiv 398602 + soumis PCI in Ecology
– Chifflet, L., Guzman, N.V., Rey, O., Confalonieri, V.A., Calcaterra, L.A. (2018) Southern expansion of the invasive ant Wasmannia auropunctata witin its native range and its relation with clonality and human activity. Plos One, 13 : e0206602
Rey O., Danchin E,  Mirouze M, Loot C, and  Blanchet S.  (2016) Adaptation to global change: a transposable element-epigentics perspectives. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 31: 514-526
– Mazé-Guilmo E., Blanchet S., Rey, O., Canto N. and Loot G (2016) Local adaptation drives thermal tolerance in parasite populations: A common garden experiment. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 283: 2016087
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Rey O., Fourtune L., Paz-Vinas I., Loot G., Veyssière C., Roche B. and  Blanchet S.  (2015)  Elucidating the spatio-temporal dynamics of an emerging wildlife pathogen using approximate Bayesian computation. Molecular Ecology 24: 5348-5363