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University of Montpellier
Place Eugène Bataillon CC 80
F-34095 Montpellier Cedex 5 FRANCE
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email: Etienne.Robino@ifremer.fr
POSITION : Ph.D student (Download resume )


Deciphering interactions between vibrios and marine amoebae to define their role in pathogen emergence
marine amoebae, microbial diversity, emergence of pathogens, vibrios, oyster mortality
Vibrios are responsible for major crises in aquaculture, as in oyster farming, fish and shellfish farming. Our laboratory has shown that the vibrio V. tasmaniensis LGP32, a pathogen for the oyster Crassostrae gigas, is a facultative intracellular pathogen that survives in phagocytes oyster, the hemocytes, on which it induces cytopathic effects. A growing number of researches show that other pathogenic vibrios also adopt intracellular stages in their host as well as in the environment inside amoebae. The cellular and molecular mechanisms of phagocytosis being largely conserved from protozoa to the entire animal kingdom, the selective pressure exerted by amoebae could favour the emergence of phagocytosis resistant pathogens. Our recent results show that LGP32 has the ability to resist phagocytosis by amoebae from oyster farming areas. In order to decipher the role in pathogen emergence of these interactions, the aim of this project is to study the cellular and molecular mechanisms of interactions between strains of Vibrio tasmaniensis and amoebae from the oyster environment by combining cell biology approaches, microbiology, transcriptomics and comparative and functional genomics. The results of this work will allow a better understanding of mechanisms involved in the emergence of pathogenic vibrios in marine environments
-Bac : STPA (2007), André Paillot High school (Saint Genis-Laval)
-Two year technical degree : Anabiotec (2010), André Paillot High school (Saint Genis-Laval)
-Bachelor’s degree in Science : Microbiology (2014), Claude Bernard University (Lyon)
-First year of master : IMVI (2015), Denis Diderot University (Paris VII)
-Second year of master : MES (2016), Pierre et Marie Curie University (Paris VI)