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Trans-generational effects of Diuron on methylome and transcriptome of the Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas: Epigenetic changes are at the base of alterations in gene expression?
Oyster – Herbicide – Diuron – Transcriptome – Methylome
My Ph.D project is partially carried out within the framework of an ANR project entitled GIMEPEC that aims to study the impact that could have chemical contamination of the environment in the episodes of summer mortality of Pacific oysters Crassostrea gigas. The obtained results in the GIMEPEC project showed that the offspring of genitors exposed to Diuron have differentiated phenotypes to those of the offspring of control genitors. There are two components that could explain that phenotypic differentiation: Genetic modifications (change of the frequency of alleles) or epigenetic modifications. Epigenetic can be defined as a set of reversible and heritable changes of the phenotype, and which are not explained by changes in the DNA sequences. The main carriers of epigenetic information are the methylation of DNA, histone modifications, non-coding RNA and localization of the DNA into nuclei. Previous work has suggested that most pesticides affect the epigenome of organisms. This fact strengthens the hypothesis that Diuron could act on the epigenome of the oyster and cause the observed phenotypic modifications. Given that the oyster C. gigas has the machinery of DNA methylation and the whole genome is available for this species, it is appropriate to make a comparison of methylome of spat from genitors exposed to Diuron and spat from control genitors. It has been demonstrated that the DNA methylation in exons is positively correlated with the expression of genes in C. gigas. For this reason the methylome changes could cause alterations of the transcriptome. In this sense the aims of my thesis are: 1) Determine what molecular pathways are affected by a transcriptomic perspective among oyster spat from progenitors exposed to Diuron, by a RNAseq approach. 2) Study the trans-generational effects of Diuron on methylome oyster Crassostrea gigas, by a BSseq approach. 3) Search a correlation between the results of methylome and transcriptome.