IHPE – Thesis

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Tristan RUBIO (Dir. Delphine Destoumieux-Garzon & Guillaume Charrière)
Diversity of the mechanisms of interactions of the vibrios of the clade Splendidus and their host, the oyster Crassostrea gigas
Maxime LAFONT (Dir. Benjamin Gourbal & Caroline Montagnani)
Mechanisms and specificity of the antiviral immunizing priming to Lophotrochozoaire, the oyster Crassostrea gigas
 Kelly BRENER-RAFFALLI (Dir. Guillaume Mitta & Eve Toulza)
Dynamics of the coral holobionte and the plasticity transcriptomique: interpersonal, interpopulational and interspecific variability.
 Silvain PINAUD (Dir. Guillaume Mitta & David Duval)
Functional aspects and evolutionary of the immunity memory to invertebrates: the vector snail of the intestinal Bilharziasis Biomphalaria glabrata as the new body models?
Anaïs PORTET (Dir. Benjamin Gourbal & Richard Galinier)
Deciphering of the Polymorphism of Compatibility in the interaction between Biomphalaria glabrata and Schistosoma mansoni: an integrative approach


Célina ABI-KHALIL (Dir. Mohamed Laabir  & Jean-Luc Rolland) french pdf
Apoptotic effects of dinoflagella Alexandrium catenella and its toxins on immune cells of hollow oyster Crassostrea gigas. Implications in the susceptibility of the oyster to vibriosis


Marion PICARD (Dir. Jérôme Boissier & Céline Cosseau) french pdf
Molecular bases of sex determination and sexual differentiation of a female heterogametic species ZZ/ZW: Schistosoma mansoni
David ROQUIS (Dir. Christoph Grunau & Céline Cosseau) french pdf
Contribution of epigenetics in Dauermodifikations and adaptive evolution in the human parasite Schistosoma mansoni and the tropical coral Pocillopora damicornis
Rodolfo RONDON (Dir. Caroline Montagnani & Céline Cosseau)
Effects of parental exposure to diuron on methylone and transcriptome of the Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas.
Aurore POIRIER (Dir. Delphine Destoumieux-Garzon & Guillaume Charrière) french pdf
Comparative study of Vibrio – phagocytes interactions in marine environment.


Audrey VANHOVE (Dir. Delphine Destoumieux-Garzon & Estelle Jumas-Bilak)
Intracellular survival, cytopathic effects and virulence of Vibrio tasmaniensis LGP32, a pathogen of Crassostrea gigas oyster
Sara FNEICH (Dir. Christoph Grunau & Céline Cosseau) french pdf
The epigenetic component in the control of the expression of phenotypic variants that are essential for the interaction of Schistosoma mansoni and Biomphalaria glabrata


Julien PORTELA (Dir. Benjamin Gourbal & Guillaume Mitta) french pdf
Molecular determinants of imune priming of the freshwater mollusc Biomphalaria glabrata


Julie LEPESANT (Dir. Christoph Grunau) french pdf
Study of environmentally influenced phenotypical variability of the human parasite S. mansoni: a whole-epigenome study


Yves MONE (Dir. Guillaume Mitta & Benjamin Gourbal) french pdf
Molecular bases of compatibility polymorphism in the Schistosoma mansoni/Biomphalaria glabrata model
Jérémie VIDAL-DUPIOL (Dir. Guillaume Mitta & Mehdi Adjeroud) french pdf
Environmental stress of the scleractinian coral Pocillopora damicornis: from the experimental model to the identification of molecular markers for stress
Mohamed REDA ZENAGUI (Dir. Evelyne Bachère)
Whole transcriptome profiling of successful defence response to Vibrio infections in Pacific oysters (Crassostrea gigas) using digital gene expression (DGE) analysis
Rafael DA ROSA (Dir. Evelyne Bachère) french pdf
Transcriptome-wide study of molecular mechanisms and genetic bases driving Crassostrea gigas oyster capacity to survive vibrioses
Paulina SCHMITT (Dir. Yannick Gueguen) french pdf
Molecular diversity of antimicrobial effectors in the oyster Crassostrea gigas and role in the antimicrobial response
Rodrigue MINTSA N’GUEMA (Dir. Hélène Moné) french pdf
Host-parasite interactions in the Biomphalaria pfeifferi-Schistosoma mansoni model in Dhofar (Oman): population genetics of the host, life-history traits and consequences on parasite transmission
Nicolas BECH (Dir. Jérôme Boissier) french pdf
Genetics and conservational biology: a population study on Mountain ptarmigan and Grey partridge in France
Marylise DUPERTHUY (Dir. Delphine Destoumieux-Garzón & Evelyne Bachère) french pdf
Molecular effectors of the Crassostrea gigas / Vibrio splendidus interaction. Role of the OmpU porin in resistance and evasion to the immune response


Sophie BELTRAN (Dir. André Théron / Jérôme Boissier) french pdf
Monogamy and partner change in a monogamous parasite: Schistosoma mansoni
Kouamé AFFOURMOU (Dir. André Théron / Eliezer N’Goran) french pdf
Parasitism and productivity in hatcheries of Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus (Lacépède, 1803) in the Ivory Coast


Emmanuel ROGER (Dir. Guillaume Mitta) french pdf
Genetics bases of host-parasite compatibility polymorphism in the Schistosoma mansoni / Biomphalaria glabrata model